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Know an exceptional Vermont Art Educator? Nominate that person for the VT Educator of the Year 2021. Application due September 1st, 2022.

VAEA will award a $300 grant to the 2021 Vermont Art Educator of the Year to be used for attending the

National Conference, exceptional art education projects, supplies or educational opportunities.

The Art Educator will be recognized by the Vermont Art Teachers Association at the NAEA Conference, March 2022 in New York, NY.


Congratulations to Beth LeCours, VAEA's latest Vermont Teacher of the Year. Beth is the art educator at Hardwick Elementary School. Patrick Pennock, principal at Hardwick, calls Beth the "heart and soul of the school. She’s more than an amazing art teacher, she’s the force that keeps us in a positive learning environment."


Not only is Beth an asset to her school, she is a committed VAEA member. She also served two terms as VAEA treasurer. The VAEA board and the Hardwick School community is proud to call her 2022's Teacher of the Year!

2021 Vermont Art Educator of the Year - Beth LeCours
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2020 Vermont Art Educator of the Year - Rachel Mangean

"Rachel Mangean is a fabulous art teacher who is beloved by her students and colleagues alike. Since her arrival at Green Street School student engagement in the arts is at it's highest. All GSS students love their art classes and this is due to the projects that Rachel
chooses and the way she teaches. Rachel is always looking for new ideas to present and teach her students. She makes connections with local artists to visit with her students at Green Street School and she brings her students on field trips to visit local artists and their studios. Rachel routinely visits brings her students to the Brattleboro Museum for inspiration and collaboration. The hallways of Green Street School are absolutely beautiful and always changing with different art displays that Rachel tends to. Bottom line she is an amazing art teacher in all that she does!" -Mark Speno, Principal

2019 Vermont Art Educator of the Year - Tina Logan

Congratulations to Tina Logan! She is our VATA Teacher of the Year! Tina is a middle school art teacher in Essex Junction, VT and is one of the most kind and considerate people you will ever meet. She is dedicated to her students and her school community!

2018 Vermont Art Educator - Jonathan Silverman, EdD

Congratulations to Jonathan Silverman, EdD. He is our VATA Teacher of the Year! Jonathan is the department chair and associate professor of education at Saint Michael's College, Colchester, VT. He strives to help students become “more imaginative, resourceful and critically reflective practitioners.”

2017 Vermont Art Educator - Judy Klima

Judy Klima is not only changing the landscape of art education at the Integrated Arts Academy, she is changing the way schools look at the arts as a mode of learning throughout the state and region She will receive an award from NAEA at the March 2-4 Convention in NYC. Join us at the awards ceremony if you are at the convention.

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2016 Vermont Art Educator - Lindsey DiDio Hartel

Lindsay who teaches at the Missisquoi Valley Middle and High School received her award at the NAEA Convention in Chicago last March. VATA was represented by our president Becky Wright.

2015 Vermont Art Educator - Nan Hathaway

A Leader in TAB and Choice Based Art Education who inspires us all.


2014 Vermont Art Educator - Chris Fearon

Museum Educator- Fleming Museum

2013 Vermont Art Educator - Alice Trageser

Alice has been making “ART Matter” for Vermont students through her commitment to creativity, community and the environment for many years! Alice likes to keep inspired through travel, going to museums and spending time outdoors. She takes her inspiration and creates magical experiences for her students in the art room! Alice currently teaches grades K-8 at the Charlotte Central School in Charlotte Vermont. She has previously been on the VATA board in numerous capacities including an inspirational co-chair.


2012 Vermont Art Educator - Anne Joppe-Mercure

VATA selected Anne Joppe -Mercure as our 2012 Vermont Art Educator. She was recognized for making art central to the academic mission in each of her schools and making sure her students see art as an essential way to communicate their thoughts and ideas. She will receive a $300 grant from VATA to use to support classroom activities, professional development or her own work as an accomplished Book Artsist. Anne will be recognized at the National Art Education Association Convention in New York City this March as one of the outstanding Art Educators in the country.

2011 Vermont Art Educator - Meg Miller

VATA selected Meg Miller as The Vermont Art Educator for 2011. She was recognized for her outstanding art curriculum and exemplary student work as well as for her statewide leadership in advocating for Art education. Meg retired as a middle level art educator at Essex Middle School in June 2011 and previously was a VATA board member and YAM chair. Meg was recognized at the NAEA Convention in Seattle in March 2011 as one of the outstanding Art Educators in the country.


2011 Vermont Art Educator - Dee Christie

Dee Christie was the Vermont Secondary Art Educator for 2011 she was also nominated for the NAEA Eastern Region Secondary Art Educator. She will receive recognition at the NAEA Conference in Seattle.